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Frankenstein novel

Frankenstein is a novel that has been slowly dissolved over the years through its many interpretations, adaptations and being victim to its own peculiar version of grave robbing by cinema and television.
Big Finish makes a superb attempt to reclaim the classic for exactly what it is – a unique, terrifying and complex treatise on the nature of creation, motherhood and the growing dominance of science in a post-renaissance world.

Frankenstein is a novel that reaches into the human psyche to show a reflection of us, all of us at all points, past, present, and future. The most significant aspect of enlivening and repositioning this story as the classic it truly is has been seeing the love and passion and the devotion and insight into the original novel to create a masterpiece of audio drama.

Mary Shelley’s epoch breaking a novel, Frankenstein, is so embedded within our cultural consciousness that it is difficult to perceive what anyone else can do with it.

We all automatically picture Boris Karloff, consider the various film and TV adaptations and some of us would have been drawn into the novel and the mythology of how it was created – the discussions on galvanism with Percy Shelley, Lord Byron and others and competitive story writing around Lake Geneva, under the portents of the volcanic summer of 1815.

Scott Handcock and team chose the creative and intelligent route by weaving and enveloping the novel’s original circumstances for the creation and threading this throughout every aspect of the production.

We are there, throughout the narrative of the novel with Victor Frankenstein and The Creature and the party at Lake Geneva, under heavy rains over that very unnatural summer, also accompanies us.

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