Continuation of James Bond Movies

Which leaves just one important thing to mention: the James Bond theme itself, so powerfully cool and culturally prevalent that the merest scratching of a nylon guitar string subconsciously recalls it across the world. Though credited to Monty Norman, and legally his, it truly belongs to the great John Barry.

The guitar version in From Russia With Love through Diamonds Are Forever is clearly definitive, but my personal favourite is the string-led mid-80s Roger Moore/Timothy Dalton arrangement. It has been empirically demonstrated to be the most exciting piece of music ever recorded—try ironing, doing the dishes, or going for groceries with it blaring thrillingly in the background, and prepare for your life to change.

From Connery snarling “Bond, James Bond” through a wreath of smoke to Craig hissing it with Heckler & Koch in hand, Norman and Barry’s work remains as compelling a shorthand for larger-than-life adventure as ever.

So for a window into five decades of perfectly preposterous pop music—and so much more besides—I owe the world’s least secret agent my sincerest thanks. From a fan who loves you slightly more than Miss Moneypenny—but, you’ll be relieved to hear, less than Bono and the Edge—happy fiftieth, Commander Bond.

James bond movies are very enthusiastic movies to watch especially when you are accompanied by family or friends.

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