BIGFOOT all began in the mid-1970’s. Bob Chandler, the creator of BIGFOOT with his wife, was a construction contractor working in St. Louis, USA. Bob used his Ford 250 4X4 Pickup Truck for both work and also off-road family fun at the weekends.

After breaking the toughest of trucks it soon became apparent that there was nowhere close by for him to get 4X4 parts and spares. Seeing the gap in the market, Bob and his wife Marilyn started up Midwest Four Wheel Drive.
The Chandler’s used their truck as a work vehicle, as well as using it for promotional purposes.these cars have to be taken well care of as they are racing cars and need thins such as special fibreglass for a  race.

They tried out new parts on the truck and kept on making it bigger and better. It escalated so much that the truck actually became an attraction in its own right. In 1979, at the Denver car show, the Chandler’s used their truck in its first paid event. The truck pulls in arenas and stadiums were soon to follow.

Two years later in 1981, Bob changed the whole concept of Monster Trucks. Just for fun, he thought he would try and drive over a couple of scrap cars. He soon duplicated his stunt in a stadium show a couple of months later. That was the birth of car crushing Monster Trucks.

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