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In 1983 BIGFOOT (named after he was told the reason he kept on breaking parts was that of his “big foot”) began a sponsorship deal with Ford Motor Company, which ran for many years. Many more BIGFOOT monster trucks have been built since then, BIGFOOT #17 has been built for use in the UK and Europe.

Inspired by the success of BIGFOOT, an explosion of imitations came forth in the mid-1980’s. In America, car crushing became a staple of the major truck pulling and mud racing events.

After many years of just car crushing, the audience in 1987 was given a more exciting show, with monster truck racing. It is a full blown sport in America today, with multiple points series taking place across the country, and millions watch it weekly on television.

The creator of BIGFOOT soon emerged at the forefront of monster truck technology. With the use of computer-aided design packages he created a new breed of monster trucks designed with racing in mind. Radical new tubular chassis along with patented cantilever-based suspensions represent the state of the art race trucks design.

BIGFOOT 8 was the first BIGFOOT to be born out of the new impressive mould. In 1992 BIGFOOT 8 became world champion, 1992 saw Bob and his team place 1 and 2 in the series. 1994 saw the team place 1, 2 and 3, winning 11 out of 13 races. 1995 saw teams limited to two trucks, the BIGFOOT team took first and third and won 10 out of 15 races.

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