Which leaves just one important thing to mention: the James Bond theme itself, so powerfully cool and culturally prevalent that the merest scratching of a nylon guitar string subconsciously recalls it across the world. Though credited to Monty Norman, and legally his, it truly belongs to the great John Barry.Read More →

As befits its sideways status, it has a naïve romance to it that pairs better with lovestruck Peter Sellers than smirking Sean Connery. David then defected to the official movies to write, with Barry, the touching lyrics for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service love song “We Have All the TimeRead More →

More information on BIGFOOT In 1983 BIGFOOT (named after he was told the reason he kept on breaking parts was that of his “big foot”) began a sponsorship deal with Ford Motor Company, which ran for many years. Many more BIGFOOT monster trucks have been built since then, BIGFOOT #17Read More →

Frankenstein novel Frankenstein is a novel that has been slowly dissolved over the years through its many interpretations, adaptations and being victim to its own peculiar version of grave robbing by cinema and television. Big Finish makes a superb attempt to reclaim the classic for exactly what it is –Read More →

Don’t Miss Mr Sloane Created and Directed by Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Robert B Weide, who shares writing duties with Oliver Lansley and Aschlin Ditta. This show has previously been covered on CB and with those credentials alone, my expectation was high. It stars BAFTA multi-award winner Olivia Colman and Spaced/ShaunRead More →

BIGFOOT all began in the mid-1970’s. Bob Chandler, the creator of BIGFOOT with his wife, was a construction contractor working in St. Louis, USA. Bob used his Ford 250 4X4 Pickup Truck for both work and also off-road family fun at the weekends. After breaking the toughest of trucks itRead More →

.A while ago someone sent me an acapella of an old Destiny’s Child track. As I listened to it, just for fun, I picked up my acoustic guitar and figured out some nice chords to accompany the vocals. In order to hear it back without concentrating on playing the guitar,Read More →

This takes an outright disturbing turn in 1995’s GoldenEye—whose turgid, S & M-themed lyrics (“Golden chain take him to the spot”) were penned by Bono and the Edge. The image of insistently macho U2 members stalking Bond (“You’ll never know how I watched you from the shadows as a child”)Read More →

Bassey gave an equally preposterous encore with the gorgeously camp Diamonds Are Forever (“Unlike men, diamonds linger”), a surprisingly haunting number aptly described by Simon Winder as a “sweat and polyester soundtrack”. But neither she nor Barry could liven up the hopelessly pedestrian Moonraker, that barrel-scraper in so many departments—despiteRead More →